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"The heart of the world"

Veronica is the person behind the brand Tigre de Salón. She works with 4 indigenous communities in Colombia: Kogui, Arhuaca, Wiwa and Kankuama. She’s motivated by looking into her roots, and at the same time to create a positive social and cultural impact in her country.


These communities are deeply spiritual, they profess a great respect for the earth and all the living beings. They are truly guardians of nature. Their knowledge is based on asking permission and returning whatever is taken. They inhabit the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta a sacred place, which not everyone can enter.

Pic: Aluna Woven Backpack by Tigre de Salón

Mujer comunidad indígena Kankuama.

Tigre de Salón  is inspired by these 4 communities, working directly with each one of them. Expressing through fabrics and special elements such as symbolism and meaning in their forms. The brand is also contributing to the development and protection of their ancestral traditions and tecniques.


Pic: Ser & Karuna by Tigre de salón


Pic: Aty Seynekun & Oliverio Villafañe from the Arhuaco community

The fabric is a primary base of their life and their beliefs, for them life is a fabric that everyone of us is creating and spinning. "In the world, nothing is loose, everything is interwoven. All of us together make part of it." says Oliverio Villafañe, Arhuaco leader.

The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is called ¨The heart of the world¨

The Sierra is the only place on the planet where mountains with snowy peaks are found so close to the sea. It is because of these conditions that they represent the functioning of the entire planet on a smaller scale.