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    As much as we believe that all of Africa resembles the Lion King savannah, the continent has countless microclimates, from the humid jungle to the arid salt flats. These are our tips to keep in mind if you go on a Safari:

    • DO THE BAGGAGE WELL: The biggest mistake adventurers make is packing too many things: Is the color khaki mandatory? Of course not, but it is recommended that all clothing be comfortable, versatile and a neutral color as it helps to blend in with the surroundings and the possibilities of good animal sightings grow if we are somewhat camouflaged. 

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  • CARRY MONEY IN CASH: ATMs are few and far in between, so be sure to carry cash before you leave home. He plans to tip each guide $ 10 to $ 20 a day


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  • WAKE UP EARLY: The best time to see animals while on safari are very early in the morning and in the afternoon surrounding the sunset. It coincides with the end or beginning of the journey of multiple species, both in mammals and in birds or reptiles, and we will have more possibilities of observing in action the five (5) great protagonists of our trip.


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  • DO NOT DOUBLE BOOK: In addition to outings, the accommodations offer a variety of activities, such as village visits, spa treatments, musical performances, and the like. Enjoy your free time. Find a picturesque place to sit and enjoy a quiet moment alone.


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  • LOOK AT NATURE DIRECTLY TO THE EYES: It is one of the most gratifying sensations that can be had traveling. Perhaps because we can witness and value life in all its splendor. The more you travel the more you realize that happiness has a lot to do with contemplating the irrefutable beauty of freedom.

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