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by Mercedes Salazar X El Dorado Edit

Traveler's Laptop Case - Natural

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Experience a blend of contemporary and convenience with our Traveler's Laptop Carrying Case. Handcrafted by Colombian artisans using Iraca palm tree fiber and designed in collaboration with Mercedes Salazar, this case is a statement piece that carries your laptop in style. Meticulously crafted by skilled Colombian artisans with amazing attention to detail, this design showcases an artisans dedication to their craft and their ability to transform traditional materials into modern accessories.
* Piece comes with an inner lining to protect your laptop

Product Details


  • Color: Natural with pink or black jaguar silhouette.
  • Product Dimensions: 34 cm x 24 cm x 4 cm
  • Made Of: Raffia natural fiber
  • Hours of handmade work: 6 hours
  • Made and sourced in Colombia.

*fits up to 13" laptops

All pieces are handmade, so please take into account that minor variation may be possible, therefore unique.



This capsule collection is born from the mantra "don't be a tourist, be a traveler"– A tribute to the art of intelligent travel.

Carefully handcrafted by artisans who infuse their expertise, passion, and dedication, within the heart of Mercedes Salazar’s atelier, and designed to elevate your travel experience.

Embark on a journey where artisanal craftsmanship merges seamlessly with the spirit of exploration. The "Traveler's" by Mercedes Salazar x El Dorado Edit collection isn't just an assemblage of accessories; it's a testament to the art of mindful travel – an ode to those who choose to journey wisely and wander boldly.

Care Instructions 

  • This is a handmade piece made with natural fibers and you should take care of it accordingly. Avoid contact with rough and sharp surfaces since it may result in the deterioration of the fibers.
  • In case you may need to clean the piece, we recommend doing it with a dry cloth and avoiding contact with products containing alcohol, chlorine or soap. Also avoid adding any excesive weight since this may result in the deteriorate of the fibers.


  • 30 day warranty for any damages related to production. Warranty will only be effective with a copy of the product´s invoice.
  • Please read our RETURN POLICY and our TERMS AND CONDITIONS for any further information on returns.


Please see for more informartion regarding our return policies.

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