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The inauguration of SAIN KAI

Last Friday we finally had the honor to attend the inauguration of SAIN KAI, which in Wayuunaiki, the Wayuu's indigenous people' language, translates to "The Heart Of The Sun". A Cultural center for the Wayuu women and school for the Wayuu children from Arema, located in the Guajira region of Colombia.


After a 3 hour drive from Riohacha, the nearest capital city, we were greeted with a dance by the children from the school and then we heard some of the leading artisans talk about how the space has impacted their lives and how its meant to improve their skills and widen their opportunities. We shared a meal made by the artisans and cheered for what's to come.


Making an official inauguration and ceremony was important for the community and everyone involved, celebrating and officiating the start of a space where women can share and learn from each other and a space where children can learn and preserve their culture. Today, we are proud to say that SAIN KAI is officially open and this is only the beginning of an amazing path of opportunities and teachings for us all.



Thank you to Estudio Bosque Architecture and Juliana Ramirez the female brain and architect behind the project for an amazing work and a big thank you to the generous contributors that through Ibu Movement made this dream a reality and Of Course thank you to the Ibu Foundation, Susan Walker and Hannah Blatt for trusting us and believing in us from the very beginning. We never would've done it without you all. This is a dream come true and a new path for us all at El Dorado. Thank you for pouring your heart into this.