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Valerio Arauca

Born to an indigenous mother from the “Achagua” community, Jose grew in between regions from the Colombian and Venezuelan plains where he worked since he was a little boy and learned ancient techniques on leather goods passed on by generations of artisans , a tradition that he has kept alive through his work with the”Campechanas“.

Indigenous Artisan Master José Valerio “Arauca”

Artisans from indigenous communities of the Colombian Plains create these one-of-a-kind pieces that you wouldn’t see anywhere else, using techniques that require a level of expertise on cutting,knitting, drying and dyeing the leather.

Today Jose is making sure that this techniques will continue to pass on by generations, working in the indigenous community in “Caño Machuelo” from Casanare, Colombia. where he has earned a level of respect and recognition for his work.