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“Respite, reconnect and escape”

Given the inevitability of the virus taken over our year, leading to the complete closure of stores, restaurants, and museums around the world, we've found ourselves finding random inspiration in different media platforms. Today, at El Dorado Edit in collaboration with Post nothing magazines, we’d like to present a special selection called Pick-ups inspire by artists, a curated section of our pieces inspired by the DNA of different creatives. 

For this occasion, our inspiration comes from the Openhouse latest issue: Respite, Connect and Escape. One article called ... caught our attention! - We are all re-discovering our houses.

We’d like to share the story of Luciano Giubbilei and the Potter’s House, in Mallorca. Luciano, a master gardener from Spain, spent the first months of lockdown in this beautiful house that previously was owned by Maria Antonia Carrie, a ceramist whose work includes pottery and large murals. 

Openhouse exalts the universe of the artist Maria Antonia and the curiosity we felt to search more about her work was mesmerizing. Soft shapes, nude colors, and minimalism recap Maria’s aesthetic. When you see a piece of Maria you can feel enthralled immediately by her delicacy to details and sophisticated movement in her pieces. You can see how she understood perfectly the value of hand-made in the art of pottery.

Fascinated about her work we decided to pick up some pieces of EL DORADO INSPIRED by her ceramic pieces, according to color palette, simple shapes, and artisan work. We want you to enjoy them in the safety of your home and accompany your days with the smoothness of fabrics, comfy shapes and specially with a magazine in your hands each morning? 




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