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Celebrating the Timeless Art of Sandoná Weavers


You've probably seen us bragging about how beautiful Cynthia Nixon from Just Like That on Max looks with our Miranda Sandoná Bag, but you might not know about the incredible artistry behind it. Let us take you on a journey to Sandoná, Nariño in Colombia, where this precious craftsmanship originates.

The Sandoná Weavers

In the serene town of Sandoná, nestled in the Nariño region of Colombia, the tradition of weaving with natural Iraca palm tree fiber is an integral part of the community's heritage. This craft passed down from generation to generation, is not only a skill but a narrative woven into each piece. The designs are inspired by the rich stories of their land and the ancient teachings of their ancestors, preserving their culture and essence in every thread.

A Legacy Woven with Nature

Inspired by the biodiversity that surrounds their region, each artisan from the Sandoná weaving community infuses their creations with the natural beauty of their environment. The intricate process of weaving the fibers of the Iraca Palm together is a testament to the mastery of their hands. Each bag is a unique piece, reflecting the dedication, skill, and vision of its creator.

A Global Appreciation

We are incredibly thankful for the visibility that our craftsmanship is receiving after being showcased by Cynthia Nixon. This recognition shines a light on the beauty of our products and celebrates the rich cultural heritage and skill of the Sandoná weavers.

By getting one of these beautifully crafted bags, you are not only acquiring a piece of exquisite artistry but also supporting the preservation and continuation of a valuable cultural tradition.

Explore our collection and bring a piece of Sandoná’s legacy into your life by visiting our online store through the link here. Celebrate the timeless art of Sandoná weavers and carry a story of tradition, culture, and craftsmanship with you wherever you go. Want to look as beautiful as Cynthia? Shop the Miranda Sandoná Bag here!