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The land of the best quality Emeralds in the world : Its ancestry, its tradition and above all its challenges.

Traveling to the territory means entering and living in an unknown universe where you hear stories and understand realities and Muzo was no exception.
Before the Spanish conquest of the Eastern Colombian Andes, this region was inhabited by The Muzo people, guardians of the emeralds. An indigenous group who inhabited the western slopes of the eastern Colombian Andes. They were a highly aggressive war-like tribe who frequently clashed with their neighbouring indigenous groups, especially the Muiscas. It is said they performed cannibalism on their conquered neighbours. During the time of conquest, they resisted heavily against the Spanish invaders taking twenty years to submit the Muzo.
A Muisca tunjo, found in the Cundiboyacense plateau, shows the work of this community with gold and emeralds. - Photo: Clark Manuel Rodríguez, Museo del Banco de la República.

Wanting to do things well, implies giving time, energy and working collectively targeting a single purpose.

By transforming our community for the better, we also transform ourselves. By getting deeply involved, we connect with others and see how sharing prevents chaos in our society. By helping others, we are helping ourselves.

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