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We talked with Arcenio and his family from the Wounaan community, whom we worked with on many occasions, co-creating pieces. They took us on a journey through their world deep in the dense rainforest of the Pacific Region in Colombia where the sense of time is distorted and it seems to slow down. A magical place full of natural resource. They described their native region as freedom.


Our main inspiration is always to honor the traditional techniques and heritage of different artisan communities. For us, it's important to transmit their stories. The Wounaan Indigenous community was forcibly displaced from the San Juan River, located in Chocó, Colombia around 15 years ago. Now, they live in “Ciudad Bolivar”, a neighborhood located in the south of Bogotá, the Capital city of Colombia, 323 kilometers away from its original territory.

In this picture Albertina Moña March 2021.