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The pack is a label with a strong vision, that not just communicates in terms of clothes and materials but also in the editorials. Creative director and founder Patricio, understand the brand as a whole. In each look book, the campaign stars are Mexican models or better yet, as he calls them Aztec gods, honoring the style legacy from the “charros” culture. 

It’s clothing manufactured under fair labor standards and the mission of using environmentally sustainable materials. It’s a project focused on making clothes with historical and contemporary characters we consider admirable.


“Dressing as a charro is like dressing up as Mexico” Manuel Benítez Carrasco.


The Rooster Jacket is made in 100% lambskin with a silver-plated button designed as roosters.

The Chilango Leather pants are made by Mexican hands. In honor of the Charro culture the designer maintains the tradition of using 100% lambskin and typical silver-plated details on the sides.


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