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The collection is strong and powerful yet beautifully light, Quetzalcóatl was the inspiration of Kris Goyri. ⁣Quetzalcóatl is made up of two words of Nahuatl origin: "quetzal" which is a beautifully plumaged bird that inhabits the Central American jungle and "coat" which means "snake".

The combination of power and fragility, like Quetzalcoatl with feathers and a snake body, is what the collection feels like. ⁣

Quetzalcoatl is a symbol of the wisdom of Ancient Mexico that lasts through time. Each fluid movements and organic lines complementing each other represent the god of the winds and rain, Quetzacóalt. The deep green of fabrics and the lightness of the dresses like Quetzalcóatl’s feathers.

"The interesting thing about this collection was the new pleating on the silk that I made. I think that it sculpts the body very sublimely and it gives a very rich texture to the garments, my intention was also to achieve new volumes and shapes that would highlight the feminine silhouette" says Kris Goyri.

 All the pieces of Kris Goyri's latest collection have a touch of sophistication and movement thanks to the hang of the silk and impeccable finishes in each piece.


The deep green of this silk and the lightness of the blazer is something to discover.

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