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   A year ago, we decided to embark on a very fulfilling trip to the land of green stones, Muzo, located in the region of Boyaca in Colombia. We traveled by car for about 190 kilometers from Bogotá (the country’s capital city) to this magical land. We immerse ourselves in an expedition into the mountains where we witnessed greatness in all shades of green.

  During our journey, the locals welcomed us with open arms, telling us their stories and sharing their knowledge. At one of the stops along the way, we saw what we were there to find, the Trapiche emerald, this unconventional, unique and irreverent stone.

 “When I first found what a TRAPICHE stone was I got obsessed with the idea of this natural accident. This unique stone is only found in a specific region in Colombia and due to the environment it’s created in, it is a distinctive kind of emerald” – Paula Mendoza

We want to dedicate the TRAPICHE COLLECTION to Muzo, Colombia, and to all the miners and people that live there, honoring their life’s work. The Trapiche’s green hue and their uniqueness are part of the territory’s mysticism that we are honoring with this collection.

A very special thanks to Harold and Daniel who took us to their homeland and opened their hearts to show us the people and stories behind these precious stones.


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