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All pieces are completely made by the hands of an artisan using coconut palm tree leaf fibers. The leafs are picked by hand, dried and then dipped, or sometimes painted, in 24K gold. Each figure has the natural imprint of a handwork. There are not two pieces alike which makes them one of kind. Add an artisanal touch to your look with these jewelry pieces!

“The jewels you are holding in your hands are natural and made of coconut leaves, woven by hand by an artisan. Each figure has the natural imprint of a handwork made one by one. There are not two pieces alike. Thanks to a copper bath which is gold plated afterward, we transform them in jewels and thereby we praise their craftsmanship, giving a new life to the initial object.” says Danielle Lafaurie.

All jewelry pieces are handwoven by Jorge William Salazar, an artisan located in Bogotá, Colombia and painted, in 24K gold by William Castañeda. For one who is a big fan of crafts and objects with a story behind them, this jewelry collection is just what you need.


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