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The Roots of Pampa

Discovering the Roots of Pampa

From the Andes to the World:

Victor Perez and Angelica Leyva, founders of Pampa, hail from the Peruvian Andes. Victor, born in Ayacucho, found his passion for textiles amidst masterful artisans who taught him diverse knitting techniques. Despite his success, he felt an emptiness stemming from his early abandonment by his biological parents. From Huancavelica and raised in Huancayo, Angelica grew up working alongside her mother, selling handmade products, and learning Quechua to connect deeply with local artisans.

Their shared love for textiles brought them together, both as life and business partners. That's how in 2010, they founded D’Peru Textil SAC, specializing in designing, producing, and commercializing merchandise made from the beautiful Peruvian fibers like alpaca and cotton, which they get straight from communities that live in the mountains of their country. With high-tech German machinery and a dedication to Andean traditions, they have created a unique blend of heritage and innovation.

Local Roots to Global Reach:

D’Peru Textil SAC initially provided knitting services to other Peruvian exporters, gradually expanding to offer complete production services. By 2016, they began exporting to the United States, which remains their primary market and have since expanded to nine other countries, including China, Japan, and Germany. They've also participaed in international textile fairs which has been pivotal in this growth, showcasing their commitment to quality and tradition.

Today, the company is in a new growth phase, opening commercial channels for their collections under the PAMPA and DPT brands.

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