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 The Style Legacy of Charros


Charreria is a Mexican competitive event similar to rodeo; a sport that involves skillful roping and talented horsemanship. The Charro is a person who rides the horse, and usually, they wear a flamboyant uniform consisting of cropped embellished jackets, embroidered skirts, and wide-brimmed hats.


 Photographed by Eva Lepiz  


The origins of the charro suit comes from the activities carried out back in the days by the natives of  New Spain. The participants wear traditional charro clothing: closely fitted suit, chaps, boots, and a wide brim sombrero. The body-fitting suit of the charro, while decorative, is also essential; it fits closely to insure there is no flapping cloth to be caught by the horns of steers. 


Rooster Jacket

Chilango leather pants


One of the brands that we must turn to see is The Pack, and its main inspiration is the charro elements for its designs. The designer Patricio Campillo, has managed to reinterpret, take its essence and turning into a casual garment collection every season.

“I’m designing for the contemporary charro, where sex and gender identity are not relevant,” he says in a recently interview with Vogue. 

Picture courtesy of The Pack


Resort 2021 


The campaign stars are Mexican models or better yet, as he calls them Aztec gods, honoring the style legacy of charros. 

Navigate with us in the amazing creative universe of THE PACK, a brand that mix and match heritage with a contemporary vision.


Embroidery work of The pack


 Embroidered Linen Charro Mules 


“Dressing as a charro is like dressing up as Mexico”
 Manuel Benítez Carrasco.