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Through the eyes of Disco Rojo.

Disco Rojo is a collection of accessories created in 2017 by Daniela López. A true artist who travels around the world  and delights with her creative mind and visual expression. 

disco rojo daniela lopez el dorado art colombia bogota

Daniela Lopez from Disco Rojo with her Marbled Caramel bag.

The brand’s name was born from an obsession of its founder for the art of Alexander Calder and the films of Pedro Almodovar.


Valentina shot by @leadventure_  in her AMAZONITE BAG & AMATISTA BAG.
 Barcelona, Spain. February 2020.

It was created as a research for creative expression in which the main inspiration is the combination of geometry and its forms, nature, art and color that leads to a process of design and creation of unique pieces. 


 Valentina shot by @leadventure_ in her  OJO DE TIGRE BAG.

Disco Rojo goods are made in Colombia with appreciation for the finest materials.