About Us

We are an online store that is dedicated on promoting emerging artist and artisans that create unique and exclusive pieces by giving them the opportunity to have an international platform to showcase their products. Pieces that we sell through a fair trade and even though we are not yet certified, we work side by side with our associates to make sure there’s a fair trade along the process.

Most of the pieces you will find here are handmade and created, in majority, by minorities or indigenous communities. These art pieces, as we like to call them, represent a variety of techniques passed on by generations and that have evolved by the cultural and fashion standards; resulting in exclusive pieces you’re not likely to see anywhere else

What we do
What we stand for
Our Goals
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We are an online shop for curated, one-of-a-kind luxury products. Our artist, designers and artisans have gone through a selection process in which the uniqueness and high quality of their pieces are an essential part of it. Providing our customers with handmade original pieces that have stories to be told
We work with indigenous communities, artisans, and artist on fairtrade terms and motivate the implementation of sustainable materials. Our goal is to contribute to the industry working directly with the artist involved, this means no middle man, assuring them a fair pay which allows them to make fair payments to their suppliers and gives them the opportunity to better their product by working with better materials. So when you buy at El Dorado Art you can be sure that most of the profit is going to the artist and artisans involved.
Our main goal is to preserve and promote our cultural heritage by giving artist and artisans an international platform where they can get the chance to showcase their products and sell them through a fair trade. Guaranteeing a preservation of techniques and work passed on by generations, that become part of our cultural heritage as a community, through modern and fresh one-of -a-kind designs.
We work to connect local talent to a global market. Promoting, sponsoring and position our artist and their brands on an international market by working on social media and trade fairs, exhibiting and exposing their pieces to possible buyers around the world.