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by Andrea Landa

Hone Leather Vest

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The Hone Leather Vest is completely handmade by artisans in 100% chrome free, Mexican leather of the highest quality. Designed by Andrea Landa in Colombia, these luxury pieces are part of her latest collection "Wabi-Sabi" in which she explores the traditional Japanese aesthetics that celebrates the beauty in imperfection.

This versatile piece can be worn as an open vest or closed down and tied up with its belt to use like a blouse.

  • Product Specs: Leather vest made completely by hand in 100% chrome free, high quality Mexican leather.

  • Lead Time: 22 labor days after purchase. Piece could be available earlier if in stock.

  • Care Instructions: Please keep in mind that this is a handmade piece made in leather and you should take care of it accordingly. Try to keep it away from humidity and avoid direct contact with alcohol or product containing such.

  • Product Sizes: One Size fits all.