Les Filles du Nord is a Mexican brand that impacts the artisan communities that belong to the fifth generation of their family weavers in Oaxaca.


The SERRA DRESS is a versatile piece that transitions easily from day to night. Designed as separates that allows you to have multiple styling options. 

The IVANA COVER-UP is designed as a versatile mesh robe that can easily transition from beach to sunset cocktail. At the same time, this phenomenal garment lets you seamlessly strut on the shore and makes you feel comfortable thanks to the softness of its fibers. This piece is woven with cotton on the horizontal loom by artisans in México.

The LARA DRESS  is an easy and comfy piece that works as a dress, top, or cover-up. Made by fifth generation artisan weavers from Oaxaca, each piece is hand knitted separately to be constructed together and takes around 6 hours to elaborate. All pieces have the smoothness of natural fibers like cotton and cozy silhouettes.



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